Spelunking in Caramoan

Manipis Cave – This is located in Barangay Pandanan, Caramoan. It is assumed to have the hidden treasure of General Yamashita. It also has a rich guano reserve.

Omang Cave – This is situated in Barangay Ilawod. As declared by the late President Quirino through Proclamation no. 20, it is part of the 347-hectare National Park. You can explore the majesty of time-carved natural formation in the profusion of caves.

Tabgon or Culapnitan Cave – This can be found in Barangay Libmanan. Try to experience the thrill of discovering an ancient natural edifice. You’ll be able to find small passageways, get the excitement of climbing rocks and be delighted in the majestic stone formations found inside.

Photo Credits: BICOL MAIL

Caramoan spelunking