Caramoan Tinago Island

Tinago is a Bicol word which means “hidden”. Indeed, this beach is tinago. You will not be able to see it if you are already close to the area if you are not aware of its existence. New and young boatmen who also frequently act as tour guides will not take you to this place. They are not aware of the beach called Tinago. It is actually hidden from most people. Unlike the more popular Gota and Hunongan beaches in Caramoan, this cove is concealed from view when you traverse the length of the Caramoan peninsula coastline. However, it is accessible from the sea through a narrow passageway found in the huge limestone karst formations lining the coastline.

The gateway to Tinago is the narrow gap between two limestone mountains. Lots of boatmen find it hard to maneuver the outrigger boat because of the strong current. Since this cover is deserted and no hut and fresh water available, you need to bring everything. Actually, Tinago Cove is a lagoon. It is entirely surrounded by the now-familiar tall limestone cliffs. The water which leads to the narrow passageway among the limestone cliffs was quite rough. However, once you are inside the cove, the waters can be extremely calm. Within Tinago, there are two small sandy beaches where boats can dock. They are ideal for picnics.

Tinago consists of a narrow stretch of fine white sandy beach with limestone rocks around it. You can actually have lunch under the trees, grill fish, be exposed to the sun and enjoy. Let the breathtaking, peaceful beauty of Tinago renew your spirits. It will be a remarkable experience to put up a tent here and stay for the night.

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tinago island

tinago island