Caramoan Pitogo Island

Waters become still in a certain part of Caramoan. You’ll be lured in the middle of limestones and huge rock formations which will cover you as you make your way through the bay. Pitogo Bay is probably the most “Jurassic Park” area of Caramoan. It is where you will be greeted by the stillness as well as peacefulness of the water. Jagged and rugged rocks will also welcome you.

The Lantangan Beach can be quite interesting. It has unique white-pebbled shores which feature smooth-edged stones rather than white sand. On the other hand, Lantangan Beach situated on Pitogo Bay will change your idea of the usual beach. Piles of smooth-edged stones line the stone as if landscaped by an unseen hand on purpose. These piles serve as replacements of the usual fine powdery white sand. Serenity in solace can be reflected in the calm surface when exploring the languid lagoons. There you will see a mirage of the glorious landscape. But such silence is sometimes pierced by the shrill cries of swooshing bats. The inhabitants here are extremely friendly. They are willing to help and guide a visitor who wishes to explore the numerous caves which abound in the area. They will also assist those who want to bathe in the glory of its waterfalls.

Pitogo Island comprises about six to seven hectares of the total land area. It has a unique smooth-edge stone shoreline known as Lantangan Beach.