Caramoan Minalahos Island

Minalahos Island is close to the resort at Hunongan Cove. It almost looks like Matukad and Lahos Islands with its limestone karst formations and white sand beach. The only thing that differs is that the limestone rocks are more imposing and appear taller. The area of the beach in front of Hunongan is a perfect place for swimming. Even the opposite side appears interesting.

The “Survivor Show” seemed to be responsible for making the island interesting. Do you remember the challenges for the contestants with the question and answer challenge and then they will climb in a bamboo-rope ladder in a huge rock at the center of the salt waters? This thing came from the Lampikaw Tablet rock. With the typhoon hitting Caramoan, it was removed and castaway to Minalahus Island. Lampikaw Tablet Rock is somewhat close to the island. You will be able to see it when going back to Lagonoy River. This island resembles the other islands due to its white sand and rock formations. But unlike the others, majority of it is rock formation proportion which is approximately three fourths.

Minalahos Island is only a small island. It has a short stretch of sand. But everyone will be amazed with its stunning rock formation.

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minalahos island caramoan

minalahos island caramoan