Caramoan Matukad Island

One of the small islands in Caramoan is Matukad Island. It has fine white sands with prominent limestone cliffs. One of the places and attraction which is ideal for island-hopping adventure in Camarines Sur is Matukad Island located in Caramoan peninsula. It is one of the south Caramoan islands in which Catanduanes province is situated. Take note that the islands in the south are included in the short island hopping tour from Paniman. Matukad is included in the most popular island destinations. Since it is a favorite island, it is usually on the top list for island hopping. Also, Gota 1 and 2 islands are now off limits to tourists because of the ongoing shooting or production of Survivor Israel.

Since attractions were really well advertised, there were lots of tourists who traveled to this part of the country. The islands were featured in different travel shows and internet blogs together with Camsur Watersports Complex. You could ride on a small boat and as you head to the island, you will surely be in awe of the beautiful rock formations. Matukad has a circumference of 1,616 meters. It comprises of three beaches stretched on 125 meters of pristine powdery white sand. It also has a small lagoon with an intriguing legend. In its tropical forest, you will be delighted to see orchids and wild plants bearing exotic fruits. Another interesting sight is the bonsai-like trees and wild plants growing on the cracks of the sharply eroded rock formations.

In order for you to enjoy the beauty and also the serenity of the island, I suggest that you visit the island very early in the morning. You will have the beach for yourself and have a photo shoot without disturbances. You can also go for an unhurried climb to the limestone ledge in order to view the lagoon. You may even bask on the morning sun and breeze as you watch the breathtaking view of the sea and the other islands from the top of the cliff.

This is truly an unblemished paradise away from the crowded commercialized type of tourism. It is where you can see, feel and be with nature at its best.

Try to experience the stretches of very fine white sand beaches from numerous island strings and rock formations. They are suitable for swimming and island hopping. There are some mystical caves to explore and a lot more. Various coral reefs and a diverse marine ecology for snorkeling are available. It is situated at the tip of Caramoan Peninsula. It is also isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur in the Bicol region. Truly, this unexplored paradise is one the country’s secret Eden. Certainly, it is a place where Nature casts its spells.

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Jonah and Luis

Caramoan Matukad Island

caramoan matukad island

caramoan matukad island


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