Caramoan Lahuy Island

Lahuy is situated in Caramoan and has a shape of the dog bone. This island is blessed with white sand and peaceful coves. Some people compare it to Boracay when it comes to its shape. Simply add the noisy restaurants and bars along the shore and Boracay really has a serious competitor. Trips to Lahuy Island as well as other hidden beach coves could be arranged with different resorts from Gota Beach.

The virgin island of Lahuy extends up to ten kilometers long. The features of the island include extensive stretches of fine white sand and friendly locals. It is part of the group of islands in Caramoan. It fairly remains isolated from the rest of the province of Camarines Sur.

Lahuy Island is considered the biggest of the Caramoan Group of Islands. In the early 17th century, Dutch traders operated a gold mine in this island which they named as Treasure Island. In the 19th century, Americans continued mining. From 1941 until the end of WWII, Japanese still continued mining. This island is located right at the opening of the Pacific Ocean. Investors can turn this lovely island into a world class resort. They can provide the visitors of the island a different Pilot Map. Commercial development rises up its head as development plans for the Caramoan Islands has begun. Lately, Republic Act 9445 has declared the northern coast of Caramoan town as zones of national tourism. It includes the islands of Cotivas, Lahuy and many more.

Caramoan Lahuy Island

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