Caramoan Lahos Island

Just several meters away from Matukad Island is an island that consists of two white beaches called Lahus Island. The white sand between two jagged limestone formations is what made it attractive. The white sand is situated between the two huge and rugged limestones.

The Visayan word “lahus” means you can pass through and through. This is exactly the description of the island. It is easy to pass from one side of the island to the other side. The island is a private property of the Bicharas who happens to be a prominent politician in Albay.

The Survivor contestants hold their tribal councils in Matukad while their so-called “challenges” are performed in Lahus. Moreover, the island has a lot of coral snakes. However, visitors should not worry about these because coral snakes are not as territorial when compared to other snakes. They usually keep their distance from people.

But take note that coral snakes are very poisonous. Tour guides usually call them walo-walo since an individual who gets bitten by them can die within eight seconds to eight minutes to eight years. Although a lot of families claim their ownership of the island, the local government ordinance prevents them from doing such thing. During the Japanese era, mining was prevalent in the island. Natural minerals such as iron and manganese were abundant in the island.

Recently, the local government declared Lahus Island a protected area and part of the Caramoan National Park. Such move had the purpose of completely repel mining activities and preserve the natural structure of rock formation of the island. The ordinance inhibits deforestation activities such as illegal logging and mining. Today, the island suffers from irregular patterns of low tide. This would mean that visitors will not be able to swim because the water is very shallow. Nevertheless, the beauty of Lahus Island will serve as a reminder that even if it appears perfect from afar, it is suffering from the inside. When you visit Lahus Island, try learning more about this. So, you will appreciate its attractiveness even more.


caramoan lahos island

caramoan lahos island