Caramoan Islands

Due to the popularity of this island as a tourist spot, resorts have been constructed to provide the vacation needs of the visitors.  Resorts in this isle offer wonderful cottages which are situated overlooking the beach.  These structures are equipped with electric fans; rooms are fully screened and well-ventilated to ensure that the visitors will have a good rest.  The staff offers home-style cooking services of freshly caught seafood and can arrange your meals.  Also, the resorts can assist in arranging island hopping tours for tourists who wish to experience the best attractions in Caramoan.

Though traveling to Caramoan has quite improved, going there still proved to be an adventure itself.  However, you will soon forget all the hardships in traveling when you immerse yourself in the wonders of the place.  As a shoestring traveler’s paradise, the Caramoan peninsula is situated at the eastern portion Camarines Sur in front of Catanduanes. During the dry season, the coastal portions are accessible by land.  But travelers should utilize a 4×4 vehicle in going through the rough roads of the hilly interior.  Otherwise, you will be taking a two-hour boat ride from the port of Sabang to Caramoan town. This is what we have been doing as shoestring travelers.  The Caramoan National Park is composed of clusters of islands, caves, serene lagoons, an islet lake, limestone karst formations, waterfalls, a subterranean river as well as a ruggedly beautiful coastline with white sandy beaches. Visitors can take part in the numerous activities available. These include spelunking, island hopping, diving, camping, snorkeling, kayaking, trekking and rock-climbing.  During our shoestring traveler three-day stay, it was the coastline with its islands, beaches and lagoons that we came to explore.

We arrived at Guijalo Port in the town of Caramoan by boat.  So far, this is one of the better-looking ports in the country that we have seen. Both sides of the pier have crystal clear turquoise waters and white sandy beach coves. From there, we traveled through Caramoan town and on to Paniman beach where our resort is situated.  Moreover, Paniman was our jump-off point in going to the beaches and islets found in Caramoan peninsula.  Exploring the major tourist spots in Caramoan took us two days. Yet, we still failed to visit a good number of places.  Definitely, we are looking forward to a return visit.  Here is a list of the places we visited:

Bichara Island – For the natives of Caramoan, Bichara is better known as Paradise Island even if it is a privately owned beach. Certainly, it is a paradise of powder-like sand mist besides the crystal clear body of water perfect for scuba diving and beach hopping.

Lahuy Island – This is a thirty minute drive from Caramoan Centro to Bikal. Then you will take a 15-minute boat ride from the Bikal wharf to the island. The island is in an enormous pulchritude of almost endless stretch of white beach. A weeklong exploration of the place which is also called “Treasure Island” will not be adequate for those who are deeply fascinated with nature.

Several of the island destinations which are waiting to be explored include Hugsan Waterfalls in Hanopol, long beach in Sohoton, Borocan Stream in Tawog, Sabitan Laya in Balibagan, Grotto in Mt. Caglao, Putting Baybay in Ilawod, Bag-Ing Island in Haponan, Ocata Island Lighthouse in Gogon, Cutivas Island in Gogon, Puerto Mina in Cagnipa, Patag-Belen Waterfalls, Bulang-bugang Underground Stream in Taisan and Tayac Lagoon in Pandanan. Certainly, Caramoan is an ideal getaway for spending your most awaited vacation.

Sabiyang Laya and Cotivas Island:  You can also check out some remarkable attractions near Lahuy Island during your island hopping tour.  For instance, the scenic Cotivas Island is only a short boat ride away from Manlawi sandbar. It has striated rock formations and a nice sandbank.  You may also visit the nearby triangular-shaped Sabitang Laya. It consists of a fortress-like limestone cluster located at the eastern tip.  Moreover, this island features creamy-white fine sandy beaches along with shallow offshore waters which are perfect for swimming.

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