Caramoan Hunongan Cove

Hunongan Cove is located in Caramoan, Camarines Sur. You can see on this place a refreshing beach and sandplace. Visiting Caramoan will take a long trip or plane trip to Naga City. You can ride a shuttle to Sabang town. The final stop will be reached after almost two hours of boat ride. There is no single resort in the area since Caramoan is not a commercialized travel spot. However, there are several pension houses and a couple of places to stay in the town center or Sentro. The prices of homestays can have a minimum of 150 pesos per head each night. This will depend on the haggling skills and facilities.

Accessing the beach from the Sentro and Gota Beach is the first highlight of the trip. It is where you will see the strongest as well as most consistent waves in your entire beach life. In fact, the shores face the Pacific Ocean. It has amazing rock formations from both sides. There are also some caves in certain areas. Furthermore, the Hunongan Cove is a wonderful beach if you want privacy from your companions. Its sands are perfect for Frisbee and camping. Unfortunately, its waters are surrounded by schools of jellyfish.

Gotang Malaki is a bigger cove beside Gota Beach. It is where some people want to spend the night. During full moon, a huge orange moon can appear brightly between the two giant rock formations. Visitors can see dozens of seagulls in the morning moving from the rocks to the clear blue waters of the beach.

Caramoan - Hunongan Cove