Caramoan Cotivas Island

Cotivas Island should be included in your list of itinerary. You can experience the feeling of being lost in a paradise. During low tides, Cotivas Island is similar to a desert of fine white sandbars. It is as if you are within a paradise of endless skies, with clear ocean waters gently rushing to your feet and and green tropical island as a backdrop. It is truly an ideal place for relaxation and day dreaming. As you approach the Cotivas Island, you will be welcomed by clear shallow waters which stretch off into the distance from surrounding shores. You will also see a strand of dreamy white sand. Its shores are lined with a few coconut palms. The obtrusive set of the cordoned wooden structures used in the reality TV series Survivor seemed to disturb the remote ambience of the island.

From up above, Cotivas Island has a resemblance of a spear or arrow head which darts towards Guinahuan Island from Lahuy. There are no people living in this island. From Caramoan proper, you will take an hour trip by boat to Cotivas Island. This island happens to be the farthest among the other fantastic islets/islands of Caramoan.

Even if the sand here is not as soft as the one in Matukad, the view here is simply remarkable. You will enjoy looking at the coconut trees dotting the island. On the tip of the island, you’ll find only sand and beach with no trees. Swimming can be done on the center, right or left. You will also find here several shells. They are really beautiful with no signs of development in the area. There are no hotels and whatsoever but only beach and sand. So, there is only you and nature!

caramoan island - cotivas island