Caramoan Beach

Gota Beach – One can take a seven-kilometer motorcycle ride from Centro. Have fun with the beauty of life in these fine white sand beaches. Aside from watching the majestic limestone rock formations, you can take an exciting boat trip to the exotic island coves in the vicinity.

Lantangan Beach or Pitogo Bay – This is something that will change your idea of the usual beach. Piles of smooth-edged stones line the shore instead of the usual powdery white sand. It’s as if it is laid there by an unseen hand on purpose.

Matukad Beach – You can see a postcard perfect scenery right in front of Gota Beach. The place can be reached by a motorboat within 15 minutes. Take delight in the white puka shells and corals. You can also see that the entire island is abundant in powdery pink-sand.

Malawi Sandbar –  There is a popular vanishing sandbar in Caramoan, situated off the shore of Lahuy Island.  The Malawi Sand Bar shows up magically once the tide recedes. It will be surrounded by shallow and crystal-clear water. In order to accommodate visitors, makeshift bamboo cottages can be assembled on the sand.  This is to provide an amazing place to enjoy a meal.  It is a relaxing and tranquil spot for relaxation and for sharing a nourishing meal with your family and friends.  Some people would even opt to eat on this spot as the tide rises while they enjoy their food with the cool water lapping at their feet.  During weekends, the popular sandbar may be crowded. So, you have to schedule your trip strategically in order to enjoy it by yourselves.